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The legendary former men’s store in Seattle, Blackbird, made a name for itself with their signature mysterious and unexpected scents. Their charcoal incense pyres are an item we consistently love. Using their own rich and layered perfume concepts, the pyres reference the tradition of incense burning without the cloying and overpowering scents we would typically associate with it. Compact and made of charcoal, they burn evenly, emit little smoke and create very few ashes while burning. We not only love their evocation of a connection to the spiritual, but that you can create a burner using almost anything- from black ceramic, metal, tea cups, small bowls, slabs of marble, piles of sand or salt (basically anything heat and fire safe). Back To Product View All From This Designer
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Izba is reminiscent of dark warm wood walls and smoky fireplaces. The cones are black, have a very high concentration of fragrance, burn evenly and consistently, and produce less smoke and more scent. Let flame burn for 10-15 seconds before blowing out.

• twenty pyres
• made in USA

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